COOLWINE provides ammonia specific OSHA Hazardous Material Training per the Code of Federal Regulation 1910.120.Q.   This training focuses on improving core knowledge of refrigeration and in depth analysis of specific ammonia systems.  

Rob Dehoney is certified by the Ammonia Safety Training Institute (ASTI) at the Incident Command Level.  

Rob has trained a very diverse spectrum of people involved with ammonia systems: from deck hands on Alaskan fish processing vessels, to the State of Louisiana Environmental Enforcement Agency, Portland, Seattle, Berkeley, and Napa Fire Department HazMat teams, to multiple large Wineries.  See below for complete list of trainees.  

These classes are a time to review and learn regulation as well as understand each person's tasks and abilities. 

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Ammonia Safety Training Technician Class, 2013
Beringer Winery, Napa, CA